consultant and toddler doing activity

The IESDB Outreach Program provides early intervention services at no cost to the families of birth to three with a permanent hearing and/or vision loss who reside in the state of Idaho. The IESDB Educational Specialists work side-by-side with parents to screen, assess, and provide parent education and support services. They assist parents as diagnosis and treatment options are explored

Our Educational Specialists are highly educated professionals who partner with parents and other team members to:

  1. Establish a stimulating home learning environment.
  2. Facilitate linkage with parents and professionals.
  3. Maximize each child’s use of residual audition, sight, tactile, and sensory skills.
  4. Access and learn to use assistive technology devices.
  5. Promote age appropriate skill development in all domains.

These early intervention services are provided in the child’s natural environment, including their home, community, and other culturally relevant settings. The IESDB Educational Specialists work with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare - Infant Toddler Program (DHW-ITP) to promote family-oriented services through:

  1. Assessments and support in various developmental areas
  2. Individualized family service plans (IFSP)
  3. Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly home visits
This partnership ensures each child is provided the assistance needed for a successful transition to the most appropriate preschool program available to optimize the child’s capabilities. The preschool placement is an IEP team decision that supports the child’s communication and academic needs.