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Eligibility Criteria for I.S.D.B. Campus Program

Children between the ages of 3 to 21,

  • who have an established hearing or vision loss that qualifies them for special education or a 504 Plan,
  • live in the state of Idaho,
  • and are not able to be provided an appropriate education in the local district settings,

may be considered for enrollment in the ISDB campus program. Reasons for referral and placement in the ISDB campus program may include, but are not limited to, a need for:

  • Services unique to deaf or hard of hearing, or blind or visually impaired students which are not readily available in the local district;
  • More intensive language and communication development than readily available in the local district;
  • Assistive technology devices not available in the local district;
  • Greater array of auditory or visual support services;
  • Social skill development;
  • Transition planning to post-school outcomes;

Placement Options at the I.S.D.B.

  • The I.S.D.B. operates a day program for Idaho students within the ISDB’s daily bus routes,
  • The I.S.D.B. operates a residential program (including the Cottage Life Program), for Idaho students who live outside of the ISDB daily bus routes.
    • Admission to I.S.D.B. Cottage Life Program
      • Student must meet the following requirements, in order to be successful with Cottage Life programming:
        • Exhibit behaviors that are safe for self and others,
        • Demonstrate age appropriate (or near age appropriate) levels of independence and self-help skills,
        • Any medical needs of the child can be accommodated by the health services team in the school.

Process for Placement at the I.S.D.B. Campus Program

All students must be referred for placement at I.S.D.B. by their current Idaho District. Parents/ families cannot self-select ISDB placement for their child.

If families are interested in placement at ISDB for their child, they must communicate this desire to their child’s IEP team or 504 team in the school / district where they reside.  Parents will need to request a meeting to address placement concerns. Parents and student are expected to schedule a visit to the I.S.D.B. campus before formal discussions concerning a placement change.

A change of placement is discussed and decided only:

  • through the IEP team meeting process, with the Special Education Director of the student’s home district (LEA), or Administrative designee, supporting the change of placement and providing the referral.
  • Or, through a 504 Meeting, with the 504 team in the student’s home district (LEA) supporting the change of placement and the 504 Coordinator or Principal providing the referral.

Note: The I.S.D.B. Campus program operates within the Idaho public education system.  Therefore, there is no cost to the family for a child to attend I.S.D.B.

For more information about the admission process, contact your I.E.S.D.B. Outreach Consultant, or call the I.S.D.B. Director of Education at 208-934-4457.