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Updated 3/24/20, 10:30 AM

In the past couple of weeks COVID-19 (Corona Virus) information has been flying fast and furious. We understand that this is a severely contagious virus which has potentially fatal consequences. That being said, because of the nature of this virus, it’s potential severity, and the unsurety of the population in our environments, we are taking every precaution to mitigate the potential contraction of the illness for our employees and to help limit the possible spread to our students, partners and families.

As a result, in consultation with the Directors of Outreach, we have agreed we will suspend our Outreach direct contact services for schools and in homes. We will tentatively resume normal Outreach Services April 20th, unless other changes occur.

Our consulting teachers will be available remotely, by phone, zoom, facetime, etc. to work with students' families and districts including attending IEP meetings and work with districts to make sure our special populations have access to continuing education provided by their districts, in whatever form they choose.

We have taken into account the Idaho State Board of Educations “Statewide School Operations Guidance” and as a result, all of our preschools will be closed until April 20, 2020.