Jan Zollinger
Recognized for Over 30 Years of Service!

Recently, Jan Zollinger, who has worked at the IeSDB for many years, was notified that she was chosen by the National Braille Institute to be honored as the 2014 Braille Teacher of the Year. This news was met with great excitement at the IeSDB. She has served Idaho children as an Outreach Consultant, by provided Braille instruction to many, many students, and has produced countless pages of Braille as a transcriber with the IeSDB's Idaho Braille Transcription Center.

As Teacher of the Year, Jan was invited to the Braille Institute's Annual Meeting in June in the Los Angeles area. There she received her award.The Institute sent a film crew to the ISDB Campus for 2 days in May to film Jan in various classroom activities and to interview her students,

staff who work closely with her and parents of some of her students. The result was a short video feature highlighting Jan and her many contributions to the field of Braille instruction.

Mrs. Zollinger also has contributed greatly to the field by training and preparing both teaching staff and paraprofessionals to provide or support Braille instruction in schools all over Idaho, as well as other states.

From summer paraprofessional trainings for Braille, to Braille courses for TVI's, she has positively impacted students learning Braille from all over the country.

The whole team at the IeSDB would like to congratulate Jan for receiving this prestigious award from the Braille Institute!