Mr. Anderson and student

Vision: Education, Communication and Independence For Life

"One size DOES NOT fit all!" The IESDB has been serving the Great State of Idaho since 1906, and is established under Section 33-3401 of Idaho Code with the purpose of providing supplemental educational services, early invention/education, consultation, and transition support to families and local school districts throughout the state of Idaho. As stated in Statute: “The goal of IESDB is to assist school districts and state agencies in providing accessibility, quality and equity to students in the state with sensory impairments through a continuum of service and placement options.”

Mission: A Continuum of Services

For all youth, birth to 21 years with hearing or vision loss, including those with other disabilities and deafblindness, in the State of Idaho:

  • The Idaho School for the Deaf and the Blind is the center of educational expertise for these children, their families, and local education providers.
  • The IeSDB's residential and outreach programs provide a consortium of educational opportunities, services, and supports designed to ensure these children achieve their highest potential.