Snow Boarders

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Two teachers at ISDB have started a Ski and Snowboard Club this year. Jodie Hamilton and Heather Burgen have watched their students participate in the once-a-year ski day in Sun Valley for several years now and have always wished that the students could have more opportunity to ski or snowboard and practice the skills that they learn in that one lesson every year. So, this year they did something about it! Deaf and Hard of Hearing Elementary students will be participating in two weekend trips to Sun Valley. Adaptive lessons will be given by Higher Ground! The weekend trips will also be filled with a variety of other character building activities that promote positive relationships and foster independence. It is very exciting to be able to provide this opportunity that will allow students to enjoy a recreational activity with peers outside of school that also allows full communication access.

Assisted skiingThe students are beyond excited, they give high fives in the halls and find any and every way to work Ski Club into the conversation. These teachers have been hard at work to raise all of the money themselves! Please visit their Go Fund Me website. There, you can watch an amazing video of two of our students skiing in sit skis and having a blast. There is also a way to donate to the ISDB Ski and Snowboard club on that site, so please take a look and pass the link along to all your friends and family!